Sunday, 27 July 2014

Rocket Reading

This week we have been doing independent reading activities from the rocket reading task board.  We have been learning how to complete new activities.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

I Wonder ...

Mrs Whittfield brought along two hyacinth bulbs.  We put them into special shaped jars with water.  The jars stop the bulbs from filling to the bottom.  Each day we mark off a day on the calendar and check on the bulbs.  We are up to 9 days so far.  Some small roots are starting to grow.  In a magazine Louisa found a drawing of plants showing roots growing into the soil.  We looked at the drawings and our bulbs and did some wondering.
I wonder ...

  • how does our bulb grow in water in the jar?
  • do plants need soil to grow in?
  • why is it taking a long time to grow?
  • why is there some moss at the bottom of the bulb?  Will they stop growing?

Sharing our Kindy books

Today we talked about what our favourite thing to do was and then wrote about it.  We looked at the pictures and remembered some of the things we enjoy at kindy. Great sharing Room 17!