Monday, 3 November 2014

Maths in action - Making 20 using Animal Strips

We were using the animal strips to help us make amounts to 20.  We wrote the equations and shared them with each other.

Greer using the IWB

In maths today Greer was learning to count on from the highest number using 2 dice.  She used the IWB to roll the dice and add them up.  Greer then wrote the equations.  Well done Greer.

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Inquiry - Change to crystals

Coloured crystals.
We looked at the crystals and did some wondering...
What are they?
-sprinkles  -little coloured beads  - lollies  -rainbow seeds   -little balls.
I wonder what will happen to our crystals when we add water?
-glow in the water
-change into a diamond and different shapes
-float up and open
-grow a little bit big
-mix up into colours
-wiggle in the water
-they might get shinier
What happened to the crystals?
-They grew and grew
-They are round
-They are colourful
-They are shiny
-They are round and look like marbles
What happened to the water?
The crystals absorbed the water.  That's how they changed.

The crystals

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Florence sharing her news - Diwali Celebrations

Florence spoke to our class about Diwali and how her family are celebrating this special event.  She had a chart with information and pictures to share with us.  The children really enjoyed the decoration Florence made with her mum and her lovely clothing.